From the moment you enter the domain, you feel the tranquility and history inspired by this 17th century abode. 

The garden begins to bloom in late March.  The croissants are warm year-round.

The shores of the English Chanel are but 2 kilometers away, while history’s D-day beaches are at your doorstep.

Fort de la Vallee

CONTACT:              2 Fort Val, St Pierre Eglise, Normandy France 50330

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“Our trip was enhanced by our host at the Fort of the Valley.  Each morning he lit the 4 fireplaces to stave off the morning chill, and drove to the village to bring home fresh, warm croissants that we enjoyed with homemade pomegranate/vanilla jelly and apricot jam.”  Hillis Phillips, Monterey

“An incredible experience of serenity and charm. The side trips to the D-day beaches, Mont St. Michel, and the local fishing villages and they speak English!”  Karen Middleton, Redwood City, CA